Welcome Party of Kashiwa International Lodge

柏インターナショナルロッジ ウェルカムパーティ

Saturday, Octoer 16, 2010 


Welcome party of Kashiwa International Lodge was held with more than 90 participants. It became a nice party thanks to everybody's active participation and performances (songs, piano and daces) of the residents. If all the residents could become good friends and the lodge could become a nice to place to live at, I would be very happy. Thank you very much for your participation!


柏インターナショナルロッジウェルカムパーティを開催しました。 90名を超える参加者があり、歌・ピアノ・ダンスありの楽しい会になりました。新旧居住者が仲良くなって住みやすいロッジになれば幸いです。沢山の方々のご参加ありがとうございました。

Date: Saturday, October 16, 2010.

Time: 18:00-

Place: Multi Purpose Room of Kashiwa International Lodge

柏インターナショナルロッジ 多目的室


5:45 -6:15 Registration

6:15 Opening Talk----------Dr.Onuki (Advisor of Kashiwa Lodge)

6:20 Toast!----------Mr.Ishida (Property Management Group)

-----Free Talk Time-----

6:55 Logistic Information----------Dr.Onuki & Ms.Shiraishi

7:10 Activity Report & Event Information----------by Current Residents

7:40 Self Introduction----------by New Residents & Current Residents

8:00 Performance Time

Amazing Grace-------------By Roseline & Iriana

Japanese Traditional Dance

Noto Hanto  能登半島“-----------------by Hisang-Yun Wu

Russian & Japanese Collaboration

"Million Roses 百万本のバラの花"------------by Miyuki & Iriana

"Love Vacation 恋のバカンス"----------by Moto, Miyuki & Iriana

Brazilian Dance----------by Marcus and Michelle

8:50 Closing & Cleaning Time Thank you for your Cooperation!