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Introduction ご挨拶

I'm also working as an advisor of Kashiwa International Lodge, The University of Tokyo with my wife, Miyuki and my family.

In this page, I introduce some acitiviteis as the advisor family.




Events イベント告知

Activity Report 活動紹介

The 41st Kyokuren-Kai Japanese Dance Recital


October 23, 2011


Thanks to FUSEN Kyokuren sensei, some of the Kashiwa International Rodge residents participated in the 41st Kyokuren-Kai Japanese Dance Recital.

The picture is "Miyagino Bon-uta” by 2 lodge residents and 2 former residents.




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Japanese Dance Performance by the Kashiwa International Lodge Residents

柏インターナショナルロッジ居住者有志 日本舞踊発表会(40周年記念旭連会舞踊発表会)に出演しました

November 7, 2010


Some of the Kashiwa International Lodge residents joined Japanese Dance (Nihon Buyo) Recital (40th Anniversary Kyokuren Kai Japanese Traditional Dance Recital) 


柏インターナショナルロッジ居住者有志で日本舞踊の発表会(40周年記念 旭連会舞踊発表会)に出演しました。相談主事も夫婦で参加しました。

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Japanese Dance Performance Reheasal


Saturday, October 30, 2010


Joined a rehearsal of the Japanese dance performance planned on November 7. (->Detail)


日本舞踊発表会のリハーサルがおこなわれました。本番は11月7日(日)です。 (詳細はこちら

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Lesson for the Art of Flower Arrangement


Friday, October 22, 2010


Family Lesson for the art of flower arrangement was held by inviting Ms. OHNO Kohgetsu as an instructor.






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Welcome Party of Kashiwa International Lodge

柏インターナショナルロッジ ウェルカムパーティ

Saturday, Octoer 16, 2010 


Welcome party of Kashiwa International Lodge was held with more than 90 participants. It became a nice party thanks to everybody's active participation and performances (songs, piano and daces) of the residents. If all the residents could become good friends and the lodge could become a nice to place to live at, I would be very happy. Thank you very much for your participation!


柏インターナショナルロッジウェルカムパーティを開催しました。 90名を超える参加者があり、歌・ピアノ・ダンスありの楽しい会になりました。新旧居住者が仲良くなって住みやすいロッジになれば幸いです。沢山の方々のご参加ありがとうございました。

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